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Top Ten Best Dressed Women of India

In my best dressed list, I have included women who belong to different age groups.  One common thing about the older women in the list is that they have each figured out what look suits them the best and they choose the clothes and the accessories that they are comfortable with to enhance that look.  Maybe it comes from being comfortable in their own skin. (All photos are from Google images)

                                                                 Best Dressed

                                                                             No 10
                                                                     Poonam Sinha


Sonakshi didn't make it to the list but her mom did. Very few women wear fresh flowers in their hair these days and manage to make them look glamorous - she does. The bindi maybe too big but she has a style very much her own.
                                                                           No  9                                                                    

                                                                    Dolly Thakore

From a news anchor on Doordarshan in the eighties to now,  Dolly has transitioned well.  She is always impeccably dressed - whether wearing a saree or something else.

                                                                        No. 8


Her daughter-in-laws didn't make it to my best dressed list, but she did. Arguably the first mom of Indian industry, she is always very color coordinated. With a handbag that matches her saree and just the right amount of jewelry- diamonds or pearls- that reflect the same color, she has figured out a look that works for her.
                                                                      No  7                                                    
                                                                   Lara Dutta


Since getting married, Lara's style has become more elegant. Whether she is wearing Indian clothes or western, I feel she bears in mind her new status and dresses accordingly.
                                                                      No 6                                                                    

                                                                Madhoo Shah


I like the way she dresses. She tries to wear different things - not always successfully - but in the end manages to look good. 

                                                                         No 5
                                                                   Sonia Gandhi


I admire the way Sonia Gandhi has made saree her own. But of course she had a great role model in her mother -in-law who was one of the first women to show India how to wear cottons well.

                                                                        No 4

                                                                  Simi Garewal


She does a good blend of eastern and western fashion and always dresses very age appropriate.

                                                                       No.  3

                                                                  Sonam Kapur


Her fashion sense is very youthful - just right for her age. I have not seen any photos of her where she is not dressed tastefully.

                                                                                 No. 2
                                                                       Karishma Kapur


Very few Indian women know how to wear both Indian and western fashions well. Karishma does. She does a very good mix of both.                
                                                                            No. 1

                                                                   Chanda Kochchar

When it comes to effortless style no one, in my view,  comes close to Chanda Kochchar. Perhaps it is her job and title -  CEO of a major financial organization, that add glamour to her understated elegance but she always looks classy - with just the right amount of diamonds - never gold.  Plus she knows how to wear colors well. I can't say enough about her style. She was the inspiration for this list.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Top Ten Worst and Best Dressed Women of India

What right do I have to comment on anybody's style? None, really. But I have always enjoyed reading Mr Blackwell's lists of top ten best and worst dressed people. And I did not come across any such list featuring Indian women, so I thought I should come up with one.

There are so many online photo-galleries now, with pictures of celebrities and non- celebrities attending diwali, birthday and eid bashes to chautha ceremonies and prayer meetings, that it is easy to see who is wearing what and where. Mostly they are the usual suspects  -same people who move from event to event,  so it is easy to figure out a pattern in the way they dress.

For my worst dressed list I have included women who I think pay attention to what they wear and how they look but somehow get it wrong, mostly by overdoing it.

I always wish that all my posts should be bi-lingual - in english and in marathi. It doesn't happen. But I have tried to do it here, whenever possible. (All photos are from Google images)

                                          Worst Dressed
                                                                          No. 10
                                                                   Aishwarya Rai              

Why does she wear those anarkalis? With yards of fabric flowing below the waist they belong nowhere else but on the silver screen. Why have Indian designers taken them out of Umrao Jan and Pakeeza and brought them out on the streets and why have Indian women embraced them, I am not sure.

ऐश्वर्याचं जेंव्हा नविनच लग्न झालं होतं तेंव्हा हरिवंश राय बच्चन यांच्या जन्म शताब्दी निमित्त लिंकन सेंटर मध्ये झालेल्या एका कार्यक्रमाला ती नवरा आणि सासऱ्यांच्या बरोबर आली होती.  तेंव्हा तीनं  भडक गुलबक्षी रंगाचा चमकता अनारकली घातला होता. भडक गुलबक्षी रंगाचा चमकता अनारकली न्यूयॉर्कमध्ये घालू नये. तो कुठेच घालू नये. तो उमराव जान  आणि पाकीझानी सिनेमाच्या पडद्यावरच घालावा.

                                                                              No 9

                                                                        Vidya Balan


Some people may find her well -dressed,  I don't. With her 60's style long sleeved blouse she appears to be trying to cover up her arms more than making a fashion statement.

मीना कुमारी स्टाईल लांब बाह्यांची पोलकी घातलेले विद्या बालनचे इतके फोटो नेट वर आहेत कि असं वाटत ती त्या लांब बह्यांमध्ये अडकुन पडलीय.
                                                                             No. 8


Always shining and shimmering with tons of heavy gold jewelry, loud eye make up, and golden hued sarees - need I say anything more about her style.

रेखाच्या सोनेरी स्टाईल बद्दल कमीच बोललेलं बरं.
                                                                           No. 7
                                                                     Supriya Sule

चुरगळलेली कॉटनची साडी आणि दोऱ्यात ओवलेलं मंगळसूत्र - पण कशासाठी?
Many women have shown that cotton sarees can be worn beautifully- for example: Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Jaya Jetley and many others.  Supriya Sule is not one of them. Maharashtra needs and deserves better dressed women politicians, I think.

                                                                     No. 6

                                                                       Madhuri Dixit

It is unfortunate that in spite of being in the show business for a long time and living abroad for many years, Madhuri has not been able to develop a unique style of her own .

स्मिता पाटीलला स्वतःची विशिष्ट स्टाईल होती. माधुरीला नाही. 

                                                                             No. 5                                                                        

                                                                        Gauri khan

In spite of being a star -wife and probably having access to the best shopping places in the world, her style seems to be stuck in clothes that are either too short or too tight or too low cut.       

                                                                            No. 4

                                                                  Malaika Arora Khan

Like  Gauri khan, Malaika Khan wears clothes that are always more revealing than necessary.
                                                                             No. 3
                                                                         Shobha De

After commenting on other people's style for years, Shobha De hasn't been able to come up with a decent style of her own either. I have seen her photos at parties and events where she is dressed in some odd outfits in neon colors and wearing chunky mismatched costume jewelry.

                                                                          No. 2
                                                                  Poonam Dhillon

There are a lot of photos of this yesteryear actress on line - mostly badly dressed.

                                                                           No 1
                                                                    Kiran Juneja

She looked cute in Buniyad.  Now she is an example of what not to wear.

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